Coverbild The Flip-Flop Gang von , ISBN-978-3-423-76072-0
Cornelia Franz

The Flip-Flop Gang

You can’t beat the Flip-Flop Gang. We flip, we flop, we can’t be stopped...

Lotte and her best friend Fritzi go to an after school club along with Hanan and Liev – and they all share a secret. They have started up a gang complete with all the standard accessories – a headquarters, insignia, initiation tests and gang pledges. But then they get caught up in a fight with the Wild Wolves, another gang from the same centre, of which Lotte’s lifelong friend Memoli is a member. Once the gangs have finished trading blows, Lotte secretly meets Memoli in an ice cream parlour and is late for the gang meeting. The flip-flop girls are hopping mad; they feel betrayed by Lotte and want to kick her out of the gang. And then, to make things worse, the Wolves storm their headquarters...

  • Best friends, gang life, endless fun and adventure!

160 pages, Age 9 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76072-0
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