Coverbild Escaping the Mind Game Trap von Cornelia Schwarz, Stephan Schwarz, ISBN-978-3-423-34925-3

Escaping the Mind Game Trap

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People play mind games all the time. What may seem like low-grade irritation is in truth calculated manipulation. Experienced life coaches Cornelia and Stephan Schwarz show us how to see through these insidious games by means of a combination of Buddhist know-how and psychological coaching techniques. The readers are introduced to the most effective exit-strategies, they learn how to activate their individual potential and make sure their interests are enforced – in harmony with others. The successful result manifests in greater efficiency at work, as well as better relationships with your family, friends and colleagues. The authors present a choice selection of case studies to clarify the mechanisms and underlying intentions of mind gaming. Once you have learned to see through psychological manipulation, you can extricate yourself from it.

• Buddhist psychology for day-to-day life: a potent composite of elements of transactional analysis and the Four Noble Truths

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236 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34925-3
About the author
Portrait von Cornelia Schwarz

Cornelia Schwarz

Cornelia Schwarz has worked as a life coach and Light-Body meditation instructional trainer in private practice since 1989. A qualified business graduate, she also has eight years’ experience working in human resources. She has undertaken a variety of meditation training courses in Asia with the Dalai Lama, among others.
About the author

Stephan Schwarz

Stephan Schwarz has been working as an education officer and communication trainer in various sectors since 1980. He began working as an instructor for NLP practitioners and masters in 1989. He is also a Light-Body instructional trainer and a Tao Master. He and Cornelia Schwarz give seminars at home and abroad for large and small groups.
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Schwarz & Schwarz: Schluss mit Psychospielchen

Psychospielchen werden täglich gespielt. Was sich zunächst wie ganz normaler Alltagsärger anfühlt, ist in Wirklichkeit Manipulation. Wie man diese miesen Spiele durchschaut, zeigen die erfahrenen Coaches Cornelia und Stephan Schwarz.

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