Coverbild Get Up and Take Charge of Your Life! von Diana Dreeßen, ISBN-978-3-423-26094-7

Get Up and Take Charge of Your Life!

Life-changing ideas for beginners and advanced learners
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How to stop all your sentences ending in “but…”

We’ve no real reason to complain—but it doesn’t seem to stop us because there’s always that niggle of dissatisfaction. Why do we always feel there’s something amiss in areas where things ought to be running smoothly—in our partnerships, our relationships with friends, at work? If we’re honest, it’s high time to change things, but we keep putting it off. Why is that?

We are creatures of habit and it takes a lot to make us move beyond our comfort zone. Based on a wealth of examples from her coaching practice, Diana Dreeßen shows us how we can realise the full potential inherent in our lives by shaking off entrenched patterns of thought and behaviour. Let’s go! We can re-program our inner navigation system. The tiniest correction in our course will produce amazing results.

• personal coaching for those eager to steer their lives in a new direction
• 15 key approaches that can help open doors

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216 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26094-7

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Diana Dreeßen

Diana Dreeßen

Diana Dreeßen-Wösten worked as a trader at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for eighteen years before setting up as a management trainer in 2002. She spends about a third of the year running workshops and training courses for corporations, associations and private clients.

Diana Dreeßen

Die gefragte Coachin gibt Workshops und Trainings für Unternehmen, Verbände und Privatleute. In ihren Büchern gibt sie praktische, lebensnahe Tipps, wie wir neue Wege im Privatleben und im Beruf wagen können.

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