Coverbild Born Under A Bad Sign? von Dietmar Bittrich, ISBN-978-3-423-21104-8

Born Under A Bad Sign?

The horrible truth about your horoscope
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Time to take off those rose-tinted spectacles and see horoscopes as they really are, once and for all. The only star sign that is brainy, kind and sensitive is your own – with a few exceptions, all the others are anything but! This book reveals – for the first time ever – the ways astrology has been misinterpreted, and what the stars really have in store for you. None of them escape scrutiny – not unimaginative Aries, embarrassing Leo, tight-fisted Virgo, or miserable Capricorn.

Dietmar Bittrich tears into each sign of the zodiac with impudent humour, explaining why everyone is born under a bad sign: doomed to a dead-end career, fated to be in a lousy relationship …and generally destined to be an out-and-out loser best avoided at all costs.

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Dietmar Bittrich

Dietmar Bittrich

Dietmar Bittrich lives in Hamburg and has written several bestsellers, notably "The Jelly-Baby Oracle". His previous books published by dtv include: "Appalling Adages for Everyday Use" (20676), "Monstrous Maxims for Men and Women" (20761), and "How to Complicate Life for Yourself and Those Around You" (20951).
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