Coverbild Don’t Forget a Single Word von Dörthe Binkert, ISBN-978-3-423-39015-6

Don’t Forget a Single Word

Three eras, three women, three fates
Set in the Silesian town of Gleiwitz, the stories of Martha, Maria, and Magda trace the history of this border region: following the Germans, Poles, and Czechs, Christians and Jews, who loved and hated each other, were expelled and whose paths eventually crossed again. Dörthe Binkert masterfully spans an arc running from the 1920s to the late 1960s. With much intuition and even more sensitivity, she has crafted a portrait of a time and a region in which joy and suffering were never more than a breath apart.
  • For readers of “The Cazalet chronicles” by E.J. Howard
  • A sweeping epic about family and love, home and identity, war and peace
  • Total sales of Dörthe Binkert’s books with dtv: 120,000 copies
672 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-39015-6
About the author
Portrait von Dörthe Binkert

Dörthe Binkert

Dörthe Binkert, born in Westfalia, studied German, Art History and Politics in Frankfurt. After working as chief editor for various German publishers she is now living as a free-lance author and agent in Zurich.
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