Coverbild Aunt Inge's Secret Escape von Dora Heldt, ISBN-978-3-423-21209-0

Aunt Inge's Secret Escape

The new bestseller by Dora Heldt !

46-year old Christine is waiting for her boyfriend at the train station, full of anticipation – she’s spending her holiday on her native island of Sylt. But things have already started going wrong: the woman with the red hat really is her Aunt Inge. But what is she doing all alone here on Sylt?

Papa Heinz and Mama Charlotte are both of the same opinion – in their eyes, it’s obvious that Inge has decided to leave her dull husband, Walter. But what they discover over the course of the next few days complicates the matter still further. The ordinarily prim and proper Inge, a model of perfect behaviour, gets drunk in broad daylight and meets up with a smartly dressed man in his mid-fifties.

Her godmother’s lust for life gives Christine food for thought. In her sixties, Inge is taking a chance on life, while she herself is far too scared. Things can’t go on this way. After all, to live is to change! That is exactly how Aunt Inge feels, but she’s keeping quiet about it – chasing her dream, but determined not to let the family in on the secret…

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352 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21209-0

Rights sold: Czech Republic, English Language

Rights available again: Spain (Castilian language), Portuguese language (excl. Brazil)
About the author
Portrait von Dora Heldt

Dora Heldt

Dora Heldt was born in 1961 on Sylt, and has written herself to the top of the bestseller list and into the hearts of millions of readers. She knows the book market better than almost any other author in Germany. As a trained bookseller, she worked for over thirty years as a representative for a large trade publisher. In her consistently sold-out readings, she delights readers of all ages.

Dora Heldt

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