Coverbild Evil Is as Evil Does von Dora Heldt, ISBN-978-3-423-26087-9

Evil Is as Evil Does

The peace of the North Sea island of Sylt is rudely shattered by a series of burglaries—and it’s not the tourist’s luxurious villas, worth millions, that are targeted, but the houses of elderly single women. This is scandalous—in fact it’s downright despicable, thinks recently retired chief commissioner Karl Sönnigsen; without further ado, he offers his assistance to his former colleagues in Westerland, the island’s capital. And although he turns up promptly at the headquarter briefings every morning armed with cake or fishrolls, his successor Runge has the nerve to bar him from the premises! Right, so he’ll have to find another way: with the assistance of his friends Thies, choir sister Inge and grass widow Charlotte, Karl immediately embarks on his own undercover investigations.

Evil people must be stopped at all costs, and before long Karl and his resourceful trio of pensioners are onto their first hot lead...

• the first crime novel by No 1 bestselling author Dora Heldt

• A quirky quartet of pensioners undertakes an unconventional investigation in a book that is gripping, funny and bristling with island flair.

• 4 million copies of Dora Heldt’s books in circulation

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Dora Heldt

Dora Heldt

Dora Heldt was born on Sylt in 1961. A trained bookseller, she lives in Hamburg today. She has been a perennial presence on the bestseller lists thanks to her novels, crime fiction, short stories, and columns. Her novels are regularly turned into films..

Dora Heldt

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