Coverbild We Might Still Be Hot von Dora Heldt, ISBN-978-3-423-24857-0

We Might Still Be Hot

What could be worse than the prospect celebrating your 50th birthday in a humdrum suburban restaurant in the company of your entire family? Especially if you suffer from cataclysmic mood swings and occasionally find yourself glowing like burning embers even in the snow. Doris (49.9) seeks refuge in doing a runner: she’d far rather defy the dreaded date and escape with her one-time school friends Katja (49) and Anke (48) to enjoy a pampering spa-weekend with all the trimmings on the Baltic coast. Way back when they were still at school, the three of them had high expectations for the future. But who likes to admit they’ve missed the boat? Hot stone massages, Turkish steam baths and pedicures help to gloss over things (at first), until the bubble bursts over strawberries and champagne...

The new entertaining title by bestselling author Dora Heldt.

About the author
Portrait des Autors Dora Heldt

Dora Heldt

Dora Heldt, born in 1961 on the North Sea island of Sylt, trained as a bookseller. Since 1992, she works as sales representative for a publisher and lives in Hamburg. Between 2009 and 2016, her novels were bestselling titles of the year.

Dora Heldt

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