Coverbild We’re the Good Guys von Dora Heldt, ISBN-978-3-423-26149-4
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We’re the Good Guys

“We just saw your wife.” – “She’s been dead for ten years!”

It’s been a year since Karl Sönnings and his team of sleuths showed the Westerland police force just how to arrest a serial criminal. Now Karl’s acquaintance Helga gets a call from her friend Wilma, whose lodger has disappeared without trace. Unfortunately she can’t report her as missing because there’s no official lease—Wilma has been renting the flat out illegally. To cap it all, Sabine, the young tenant, has been working as a household help for Charlotte and Inge without either of their husbands’ knowledge. They haven’t declared her wages either—and to think that Inge’s husband Walter used to work for the tax authorities!
It’s just as well that the Westerland police are busy investigating the case of an unidentified body, as it leaves Karl and his cronies undisturbed to search for the missing Sabine. But things take an unexpected turn when it emerges that the two cases are connected…

• The quirkiest investigative team on the North Frisian island of Sylt is back with a bang!

About the author
Portrait des Autors Dora Heldt

Dora Heldt

Dora Heldt, born in 1961 on the North Sea island of Sylt, trained as a bookseller. Since 1992, she works as sales representative for a publisher and lives in Hamburg. Between 2009 and 2016, her novels were bestselling titles of the year.

Dora Heldt

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