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E. L. Greiff

Twelve Waters - To the Sources

The wells are running dry and there’s trouble in the wind…

As yet, the threat to the Continent is almost imperceptible. The Nations are living in peace and harmony, war is just a distant memory. But the Undae – a society of high priestesses endowed with the ability to read the waters – sense the omens and forsake their isolation to return once more to the world. Three of them set out alongside three chosen ones from the people of the Welsen on a journey to the Twelve Springs. Will they be able to prevent the looming apocalypse and restore the world’s equilibrium? The element of water is life-giving, and with every spring that runs dry a facet of humanity will perish…

To the Sources is the opening volume of a high-fantasy literary trilogy which will hold readers spellbound from first page to last.

  • An absolute must for fans of high fantasy

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608 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24914-0

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