Coverbild Banned - Ostracised - Banished von Edda Ziegler, ISBN-978-3-423-34611-5

Banned - Ostracised - Banished

Women writers in resistance against the Nazis
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No sooner had German-speaking women writers begun to make their mark on the literary scene at the start of the 20th century than their way was already being barred by the Nazis’ cultural policy. As a result of their political convictions, their style of writing, the way they presented women, or simply because they were Jews, they found their work banned, while they themselves were ostracised and banished. Here, for the first time, Edda Ziegler presents an overview of the fate of female writers including Erika Mann, Mascha Kaléko, Anna Seghers, Irmgard Keun and Nelly Sachs. She describes their lives, their exile, their writing and publishing in foreign lands and languages – as well as delving into the difficult relationship they subsequently had with their former homeland in the time of new beginnings post-1945.

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368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34611-5
About the author

Edda Ziegler

Edda Ziegler lives in Munich, where she is a journalist and a lecturer on modern German literature and publishing studies. Her books include biographies of Heinrich Heine and Theodor Fontane, a book about Heine and his women, and a biography of Christophine Reinwald, Schiller’s sister. She has also written several books of literary criticism.
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