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If she was completely honest, Frieda had imagined it would all be plain sailing: packing her bags, boarding the train, arriving in Berlin and looking for her father. That was the plan. But where do you start looking for a man in the middle of the urban jungle if the only thing you know is his stage name? Armed with a few scraps of information gleaned from the internet, she rushes about from one place to the next and meets the strangest assortment of people imaginable – starting with Nelly, who wangles a place for Frieda to stay without hesitation. With Nelly’s help, Frieda will not only find her father, but also a truly extraordinary boy…

A fast-paced and entertaining coming-of-age novel set in Berlin, revolving around identity, fathers and first love

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240 pages, Age 12 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-78240-1
About the author
Portrait des Autors Edgar Rai

Edgar Rai

Edgar Rai, born in 1967, studied music and English at Marburg and Berlin. He has worked variously as a scriptwriter, basketball coach, choirmaster, handyman and online editor. He struck out as a full-time author in 2001, and, since 2003, has also been teaching creative writing at Berlin’s Free University.

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