Coverbild Sunny was Yesterday von Edgar Rai, Cem Gülay, ISBN-978-3-423-74002-9

Sunny was Yesterday

What makes a person who they are? What would have become of them if they’d had a different start in life?

Sunny, the school’s head boy, is not only fantastically handsome but also incredibly popular. Everyone likes Sunny, so Laura simply can’t believe it when her friend is accused of being involved in a fatal subway brawl. But the surveillance camera footage leaves no room for doubt and Sunny is charged. Then another suspect is arrested in Berlin — Sunny’s twin brother Yasir. Utterly shocked and dumbfounded to discover he has a twin, Sunny sets out with Laura to visit Yasir at the detention centre in Berlin. Once there, the things they discover about themselves and each other stretch their emotions to breaking point.

About the author
Portrait des Autors Edgar Rai

Edgar Rai

Edgar Rai, born in 1967, studied music and English at Marburg and Berlin. He has worked variously as a scriptwriter, basketball coach, choirmaster, handyman and online editor. He struck out as a full-time author in 2001, and, since 2003, has also been teaching creative writing at Berlin’s Free University.
About the author
Portrait des Autors Cem Gülay

Cem Gülay

Cem Gülay was born to Turkish ‘guest workers’ in Hamburg in 1970 and now lives in Berlin. He decided against university in favour of a criminal career in the commodity futures business. Unlike many others, he managed to get out in time.

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