Coverbild Bite Or Kiss? von Elisabeth Gänger, ISBN-978-3-423-07616-6

Bite Or Kiss?

The summer holidays have arrived at long last. But it’s pouring with rain, and Lily is sitting in her mum’s tanning salon with Fabs. They have been dreaming of cute guys, and the moment they step outside they can’t believe their eyes – there, right in front of them, is a gorgeous specimen. But then something even stranger happens: before they have a chance to check him out properly, he vanishes into thin air! It is not until they are at a rain-drenched pool party that he materialises again. On the way home, Lily falls off her bike. A car’s headlights are getting closer…and closer…when, in a flash, she is suddenly pulled to safety. Surely only a vampire can move that fast? Looking up, Lily’s eyes meet those of the mysterious stranger. In that instant, she is his forever…
160 pages, Age 12 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-07616-6
About the author
Portrait des Autors Elisabeth Gänger

Elisabeth Gänger

Elisabeth Gänger, born in 1961, studied English and Romance Literature, before working as an editor for various magazines and writing non-fiction books. Her first book for young people was ‘Ticket to Bon Jovi'. She lives with her family in Bremen.

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