Coverbild Respect – What’s That Supposed to Be? von Elke Reichart, ISBN-978-3-423-62610-1

Respect – What’s That Supposed to Be?

R.E.S.P.E.C.T.—find out what it means to me

We’re all familiar with the concept of respect, even though it means different things to different people. Is it about meeting on the same footing? Is it a matter of tolerance? Appreciation? Esteem?

Journalist Elke Reichart interviewed people from all sorts of different backgrounds, occupations and walks of life. The interviews focussed on a simple question: What part does respect play in your daily life? She not only spoke to leading researchers on the subject, but also conferred with a student, a nurse, an athlete, a heart surgeon, a therapist, a female bishop, a teacher of Islamic religious education and a rabbi, amongst others. Mutual respect is the glue that binds society and none of us can do without it. Reichart goes in search of clues...

About the author
Portrait des Autors Elke Reichart

Elke Reichart

Elke Reichart graduated from the German School of Journalism and worked for various daily papers as well as for television (ZDF) and as a freelance journalist in South Africa. She now lives with her family near Munich.

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