Coverbild Minor Transgressions von Elke Schmitter, ISBN-978-3-423-14234-2

Minor Transgressions

Selma Craiss wakes up one morning and finds she’s in love – but not with her long-standing partner Wolfgang. As a well-versed cultural theorist, she immediately sets about stifling her embryonic feelings beneath a thick layer of analytical interpretation in order to nip this unfamiliar sensation in the bud…and fails spectacularly. The forty-year-old Berliner is accompanied throughout this romantic escapade by a small cadre of friends, all of them traumatised hedonists who have seen better days.

320 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-14234-2
About the author

Elke Schmitter

Elke Schmitter was born in Krefeld on the 25th of January 1961. After studying philosophy in Munich, she went on to become chief editor of the Berliner Tageszeitung and has been a member of the editorial board of Spiegel since 2001. She received the City of Krefeld’s Lower Rhine Literature Award in 2000.

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