Coverbild Vera's Daughter von Elke Schmitter, ISBN-978-3-423-14294-6

Vera's Daughter

To this day, Katharina doesn’t know why her lover disappeared… or where to. Did he leave her? Or might he have ended up being murdered? One day she chances upon the novel Frau Sartoris and can’t get it out of her mind because it seems to be telling her own story. A sophisticated and ingenious piece of self-referential fiction harking back to Elke Schmitter’s first novel.

176 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-14294-6

Rights sold: Turkey
About the author

Elke Schmitter

Elke Schmitter was born in Krefeld on the 25th of January 1961. After studying philosophy in Munich, she went on to become chief editor of the Berliner Tageszeitung and has been a member of the editorial board of Spiegel since 2001. She received the City of Krefeld’s Lower Rhine Literature Award in 2000.

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