Coverbild Family Silver von , ISBN-978-3-423-20990-8

Family Silver

"Why on earth did I insist on having the celebration at home, in the shed?" 49-year-old Barbara asks herself on the eve of her silver wedding anniversary. In the end she's always the one who gets landed with doing all the work. But, then again, it is meant to be a wonderful family occasion. Her family: they comprise the descendants of the women who, before fleeing Danzig in 1945, buried the family silver, such as it was, under the apple tree in the garden. Although the announcement of the celebration has created tensions and prompted thoughts of escape in some, everyone has accepted the invitation. By looking into the private lives of the family members, spanning four generations, Sabine Friedrich gives us astute insights into the social changes and major issues of our time.

576 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-20990-8
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