Coverbild The Gladiator’s Son von Franjo Terhart, ISBN-978-3-423-71224-8

The Gladiator’s Son

A detective story from ancient Rome for you to solve. With b/w illustrations by Marei Schweitzer
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Rome, 46 B.C.: Caesar arranges for the defeated Prince of the Celts to be paraded in triumph through the town – and with him, the legendary Celtic gold! It goes without saying that Cornelia and her friends Titus, Gaius and Publius are there in the midst of the crowd, enjoying the spectacle. In all the turmoil they learn that a gang of street kids are plotting to steal the gold of the Celts from the Temple of Saturn!

In order to thwart their plan, the quartet of amateur detectives devises an audacious strategy of their own: one of them will have to infiltrate the gang. But until such times as Cornelia and the leader of the gang, the highly mysterious »Gladiator’s Son«, finally come face-to-face, the four friends have to work their way through a mass of fiendish riddles and dangerous ordeals which require all the courage they can muster – and the reader’s greatest powers of deduction.
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160 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-71224-8

Rights sold: Turkey
About the author
Portrait des Autors Franjo Terhart

Franjo Terhart

Franjo Terhart, born in 1954, taught Latin and philosophy for several years. He has also published 40 novels, non-fiction books and books for young readers, many on subjects from antiquity or the middle ages.
About the illustrator

Volker Fredrich

Volker Fredrich studied illustration at Hamburg polytechnic. He has illustrated works for a number of publishers, including many historical non-fiction books.
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