Coverbild I, Zeus, and the Olympic Gang von Frank Schwieger, ISBN-978-3-423-71819-6
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I, Zeus, and the Olympic Gang

Gods and heroes from Greek Mythology

Enough already, for Gods’ sake! For almost 3000 years people have been telling each other god knows what about the heroes and gods of Greek mythology. It really is high time the truth was brought to light. Here, the Olympians and Heroes take the matter into their own hands–from Achilles to Zeus. So readers discover at first-hand why Achilles, the greatest hero of them all, runs around in girl’s clothes and why Apollo is such a tree-hugger; what beauty queen Aphrodite and a golden apple have to do with the Trojan War; why Ariadne is known as the cry-baby of Naxos—and of course what part Big Boss Zeus plays in all this.

Twenty-four episodes from the lives of the greatest Greek heroes and heroines, gods and goddesses–straight from the Trojan Horse‘s mouth! Each story is complemented by a wittily illustrated profile of the starring character, detailing their family connections, their likes and dislikes and distinguishing features.

• extremely imaginative, yet amazingly true to the original
• the Greek gods have been cult material for kids and young teens since Percy Jackson

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264 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-71819-6

Rights sold: Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic
About the author
Portrait von Frank Schwieger

Frank Schwieger

Frank Schwieger was born in 1968 and grew up in Holstein, in the northernmost region of Germany. He studied Latin and history, and has been working as a grammar school teacher since 1999.
About the illustrator

Ramona Wultschner

Ramona Wultschner was born in Heilbronn 1987. She studied design in Pforzheim and works on animated cartoon productions, children’s books and game development.

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