Coverbild 24 Fabulous Christmas Fables von Franziska Gehm, ISBN-978-3-423-76068-3

24 Fabulous Christmas Fables

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The adventures Jola has when she goes up to the attic looking for Santa Claus are way beyond her wildest dreams. The minute she opens the door she finds herself passing from one magic realm to another. She helps the elves out of a tight spot during the nativity play; she prevents the goblins from decking the Christmas tree with toilet paper and decorating the gingerbread with mustard; she helps the angels to hit the perfect note that will open the gates of heaven, and she celebrates Christmas with the mermaids. When her journey finally comes to and end, will Santa be waiting for her?

  • Christmas is the time for stories: here are 24 short, self-contained tales ideal for reading aloud at bedtime.

  • a rich and luxurious layout featuring colourful, detailed illustrations with loads to discover

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160 pages, Age 5 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76068-3
About the author
Portrait des Autors Franziska Gehm

Franziska Gehm

Franziska Gehm studied English, psychology and intercultural economic communication. After completing her studies she taught at a grammar school, worked for a radio station and as an editor of children’s books. She now lives in Munich where she works as a freelance author, translator and editor.
About the illustrator
Portrait des Autors Helmut Dohle

Helmut Dohle

Helmut Dohle works as a freelance painter and illustrator. After having worked for years in a gallery, he now makes his living exclusively from painting, in which the world of fantastic and mythical creatures takes a special place. Helmut Dohle lives in Münster with his family.
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