Coverbild Epictetus for Beginners. Discourses. Small Handbook of Morals von Georg Wöhrle, ISBN-978-3-423-30864-9

Epictetus for Beginners. Discourses. Small Handbook of Morals

»Within ourselves lies both downfall and salvation. « This is one of the many well-known philosophical insights of the eminent stoic Epictetus, whose teachings – as is the case with those of Socrates – have been handed down to us only through his pupil Flavius Arrianus. Born around 50 A.D. in Phrygia, Epictetus grew up in Rome, the son of a slave. His master, himself a former slave of Nero, sent him to be tutored by the stoic Musonius Rufus and then set him free. At first, Epictetus founded a school in Rome, but after being banished from the city, in 94 he settled in Nicopolis, in western Greece, where he died around 135 A.D. – honoured and admired by his pupils.

His ›Discourses‹ (Diatribes) and his ›Small Handbook of Morals‹ (Enchiridion) are among the primary texts of all philosophical endeavours at outlining an ethically based and thereby dignified existence. This volume attempts an introduction to these wisdoms, whose truth still resonates within us to this day.

This new volume of the series ›Philosophy for Beginners‹ focuses on the famous writings of the late stoic Epictectus (approx. 50 - 135 AD): his wisdom on how to lead a truly happy, independent life would seem to be more pressingly relevant than ever in our age of globalisation.

160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30864-9
About the author

Georg Wöhrle

Georg Wöhrle is Professor of Greek Studies at the University of Trier. He has retranslated the excerpts from the writings of Epictetus for this volume.
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