Coverbild The Day Before Spring Came von Guntrun Müller-Enßlin, ISBN-978-3-423-21711-8

The Day Before Spring Came

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Sometimes everything happens at the same time

Ellinor is a 52-year-old pastor. Now divorced, she lives alone with her 18-year-old son Dean and plays in a band to counterbalance her day-to-day life. The sudden death of her neighbor causes Ellinor to contemplate not only the life of her friend and her son’s surrogate “Grandma,” but also her own life. Thus, she starts a dialogue with herself about her daily life, which is comprised of sermons, funeral preparations, baptisms, and burials. About her wishes and disappointments, about friends, relationships with men, problems with her son, and her insecurity in taking another serious gamble at love. In the end, she is taken by surprise by much more than just herself.

- A touching discussion about the topics that most concern women, very true to life
- Sympathetic characters with a high potential for reader self-identification

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304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21711-8
About the author
Portrait des Autors Guntrun Müller-Enßlin

Guntrun Müller-Enßlin

Gudrun Mueller-Enßlin was born in 1958 in Stuttgart. She studied theology in Tuebingen and Zurich, and now works as a pastor in the Stuttgart area. She is also the author of several novels and short stories.
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