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What is it we’re looking for—in ourselves, in others, in faraway places?

Berlin, summer 2013: Clara, a young doctor, quite literally runs into Amal when their bicycles are involved in a minor collision. Amal, a 21-year old Iraqi student, has fled Baghdad and is applying for asylum in Germany; her mother is an archaeologist, her father a doctor who disappeared a long time ago, most likely abducted due to his political persuasions. Clara is fascinated by Amal, and the two women form a tentative friendship just as Clara’s relationship with her boyfriend Tarun is going through a particularly rocky patch. When she discovers Amal’s grandmother has died, Clara makes a snap decision—she’ll fly out to Baghdad to be at Amal’s mother side in her friend’s stead. Little does she realise quite how far-reaching the changes in their lives will be – for her and Tarun, as well as for Amal.

A sensitively narrated novel about hope and sincerity; about life in a faraway country, friendship and a place to call home. What begins with a minor accident culminates in a dramatic climax—for Amal, Clara, and the reader, too.

• following her successful debut The Flow – the new novel by Hannah Dübgen
• a German doctor, a student from Baghdad and an Indian architect
• the absorbing story of a friendship that defies borders—profoundly human and bang up to date

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272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28094-5
About the author
Portrait des Autors Hannah Dübgen

Hannah Dübgen

Hannah Dübgen was born in 1977. She studied philosophy, literature and musicology in Oxford, Paris and Berlin. She worked in theatrical production, has written the libretti of three operas and been awarded several scholarships. Her literary work comprises poetry, prose and drama. Her debut novel The Flow was published in 2013.

Hannah Dübgen

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