Coverbild The Flow von Hannah Dübgen, ISBN-978-3-423-24972-0

The Flow

“Near and far no longer matter; the only distance that counts lies in the space between the familiar and the alien.”

Four people in four different countries: Ada from Berlin has made a documentary film about life on the Gaza strip with her friend Judith – but Judith dies soon after they finish it. Makiko, a young Japanese pianist, has moved to Paris and is giving concerts all over Europe. She is shocked to the core on discovering she is expecting a child. Jason works for an American investment firm and has been sent to Tokyo to mastermind the takeover of a long-established Japanese company. Luiz, a zoologist, grew up in Brazil and now lives in Tel Aviv with his Jewish wife and their two children. Unsatisfied with his life and sick of the political situation in Israel, he throws himself into an affair in which he is trying to feel alive again.

Hannah Dübgen’s novel consists of four intertwined stories of contemporary life, centred on the concept of migration between different cultures. Her characters are fully-formed and filled with yearning as they live, work, mourn and struggle to come to terms with their lives and plan for their futures. A compelling, moving story of proximity and alienation, of borders old and new; a story of the flowing currents of our time.

Press acclaims:

„Hannah Dübgen explores the fragility of life in the global village. She skillfully relates the different settings with a remarkable technical and linguistical aptitude. “The Flow” is a novel taken right from the Here and Now without chumming up with the zeitgeist.”
Christoph Schröder, Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Hannah Dübgen’s debut catches the reader through its subtle power of observation and an intelligent use of the dialectic of proximity and alienation.”
Sigrid Brinkmann, Bayerischer Rundfunk

„A terrific debut!“

„Hannah Dübgen …]observes and describes the lives of her young cosmopolitans in a very precise, clever and impeccable way.”
Wiener Zeitung

“Dübgen has the talent to bring us closer to the complex and alien.”
Sabine Rohlf, Berliner Zeitung

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272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24972-0

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About the author
Portrait von Hannah Dübgen

Hannah Dübgen

Hannah Dübgen was born in 1977. She studied philosophy, literature and musicology in Oxford, Paris and Berlin. She worked in theatrical production, has written the libretti of three operas and been awarded several scholarships. Her literary work comprises poetry, prose and drama. Her debut novel The Flow was published in 2013.

Hannah Dübgen

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