Coverbild Irish Roulette von Hannah O'Brien, ISBN-978-3-423-39014-9

Irish Roulette

Grace O’Malley, recently promoted head of the Galway Garda murder squad, has a new murder case on her hands. A betting shop employee has been found shot dead. The bookmaker’s owner is Ronan Coyne, twin brother of Grace’s closest colleague Rory. And that’s only the beginning of her troubles. Because naturally Rory is immediately considered biased and taken off the case. So Grace is now compelled to work with Kevin Day, a notoriously difficult character. But of course Rory can’t keep his nose out of the case – after all, his family is at the centre of it. Their investigations take them into the innermost circles of the Irish gambling scene, the betting business and the race course that hosts the most prestigious event in Ireland’s racing calendar – the Galway Races.

• the second volume of the absorbing Irish crime series, brimming with local colour and atmosphere

Press acclaim for the Luck of the Irish
• Grace O’Malley is as tough as they come; an investigator full of character. The harsh beauty of the Galway countryside and its offbeat inhabitants lend the story an enchanting backdrop.
- Brigitte

• The masterful prelude to kick-start a new crime fiction series. Captivating, profound and well-informed. The author’s love of the Emerald Isle leaps out at you from every page.

416 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-39014-9
About the author
Portrait von Hannah O'Brien

Hannah O'Brien

Hannah O’Brien is a journalist and author who lived in Great Britain and Ireland for many years but now divides her time between homes in Cologne and on the banks of the Moselle. A regular visitor to Ireland, she is an expert on Irish affairs.

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