Coverbild The Luck of the Irish von Hannah O'Brien, ISBN-978-3-423-39013-2
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The Luck of the Irish

Following an extended foreign sabbatical, ambitious policewoman Grace O’Malley returns to her native Ireland to head up the Galway murder squad. Her first case, the killing of young student Annie, proves no walk in the park. Three prominent local men play a major part in her investigations—and it seems they all have something to hide. It’s not long before two of the men are dead too, and Grace finds herself under increasing pressure. Things come to a head when her daughter vanishes into thin air...

  • headstrong investigator Grace O’Malley’s first case
  • An atmospheric crime thriller set in Ireland; the love of the Emerald Isle leaps out at you from every page.

Press acclaim
• Grace O’Malley is as tough as they come; an investigator full of character. The harsh beauty of the Galway countryside and its offbeat inhabitants lend the story an enchanting backdrop.

• The masterful prelude to kick-start a new crime fiction series. Captivating, profound and well-informed. The author’s love of the Emerald Isle leaps out at you from every page.

416 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-39013-2
About the author
Portrait von Hannah O'Brien

Hannah O'Brien

Hannah O’Brien is a journalist and author who lived in Great Britain and Ireland for many years but now divides her time between homes in Cologne and on the banks of the Moselle. A regular visitor to Ireland, she is an expert on Irish affairs.

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