Coverbild dtv-Atlas Chemistry (2 volumes) von Hans Breuer, ISBN-978-3-423-03217-9

dtv-Atlas Chemistry (2 volumes)

The two-volume ›dtv-Atlas of Chemistry‹ outlines the basics principles of and advances made in modern chemistry. It is designed to be used by school-children, laboratory assistants, technicians, students, teachers and the general public alike. Volume 1 is an introduction to general and inorganic chemistry, while volume 2 covers organic chemistry and synthetics.

In keeping with the dtv-atlas format, each section of concisely written explanatory text occupies the right-hand page, with illustrative graphics, diagrams and colour charts on the left-hand page. A detailed index and complete list of further sources of information help to make the atlas a comprehensive reference work.
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03217-9

Rights sold: France, Hungary

Rights available again: Italy, Spain
About the author

Hans Breuer

Hans Breuer, born in 1933, studied physics in Berlin and Frankfurt, as well as medicine in Innsbruck und Tübingen. He was involved in various scientific research programmes, among others at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt and at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He lectured at the University of Saskatoon, Canada and at California State College, USA and has written numerous scientific papers and textbooks.

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