Coverbild The Hanging Judge von Hans G. Stelling, ISBN-978-3-423-21130-7

The Hanging Judge

A novel set in the time of the Hanseatic League
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Itzehoe in northernmost Germany, in the year 1396. By the time Hinrik vom Diek lifts his head out of a pool of beer, the fateful document has already been signed. The Count and Hinrik’s arch enemy, the powerful merchant Wilham von Cronen, have got him blind-drunk and acquired his toft and croft, ruining him.

Desperate for revenge, the knight sets out for Hamburg, where he ekes out a miserable existence until one day the pirate Captain Stortebeker captures a caravel. Could this be Hinrik’s chance for vengeance? He is sure he has overheard von Cronen divulge the course the ship will be taking to Stortebeker…

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ISBN 978-3-423-21130-7
About the author

Hans G. Stelling

H. G. Stelling was born in Itzehoe. After studying economics and business administration, he worked in a managerial position in the pharmaceutical industry. He started out as a freelance author in 1972. Stelling has written a number of award-winning radio plays, as well as internationally successful novels in many genres, including science fiction.
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