Coverbild Exploring Language von Hans Joachim Störig, ISBN-978-3-423-30863-2

Exploring Language

A Tour Through the Languages of the World and the World of Language
Revised and updated edition.

A sound and comprehensive, user-friendly history of languages from their origins to this day.

How have our present day languages evolved? How are they related to each other? How many languages are there anyway? These and lots of other fascinating questions round about the various forms of human communication are covered by this reference book in a scientifically sound, but succinct and vivid fashion. Looking into the individual as well as the common features of languages, it offers a survey of their evolution, from the riveting decoding of hieroglyphs over the development and spreading of both language families and individual languages to modern inventions such as the artificial language Esperanto.
400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30863-2

Rights sold: Brazil, PR China
About the author

Hans Joachim Störig

Hans Joachim Störig, Dr. phil, Dr. jur, was director of the Stuttgart-based publishing house Klett-Cotta between1956 and1963, and head of the Lexicographical Institute in Munich from 1963 to 1983. He has written, edited and published numerous reference books and encyclopaedias.
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