Coverbild Totally Spaced-out! von Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus, ISBN-978-3-423-71502-7

Totally Spaced-out!

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On the very first day of his family holiday on Lake Como, Jan runs into his worst nightmare – Hendrik Lehmann, the model pupil from his class. If Hendrik dishes the dirt on Jan about the things he got up to with his friends during a recent class outing, Jan might as well not bother to unpack. Then, to make matters even worse, out of all the lakeside holidaying families Jan’s parents chum up with the Lehmanns. It takes an entire fortnight for Jan to realise that Hendrik is anything but a telltale and is slowly becoming a true friend, as the story unfolds through his scribbled observations that no one is EVER meant to see.

? wildly funny – an offbeat, spaced-out graphic novel

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240 pages, Age 11 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-71502-7

Rights sold: Lithuania, Latvia

Rights available again: Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey,
About the author
Portrait des Autors Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus

Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus

Hans-Jürgen Feldhaus, born in 1966, studied graphics design at Münster and works as a freelance illustrator for various firms and publishers. He has illustrated numerous books in the dtv junior series.

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