Coverbild Valentina's Search for Happiness von Hans Kruppa, ISBN-978-3-423-21478-0

Valentina's Search for Happiness

“Don’t settle for contentment. Always strive for happiness…”

…on her way home, thirty-year-old Valentina can still hear her grandmother’s words. When the train pulls in at a station, she meets the eyes of a young man who is staring at her from the platform, and in that brief instant something inside her seems to break open before the train sets off again. Deeply moved, curious, and with a feeling of gratitude, Valentina gets off at the next stop and goes back to look for the stranger. In the unknown small town she meets Vanessa, a musician who becomes her companion and friend, and the poet Raphael, who sets her off on the wrong track… a track that nevertheless leads her to love.

Press acclaim for Hans Kruppa:

“Very few German authors are as versatile and successful as Hans Kruppa. His work — whether he is composing love poems, telling fairytales or writing novels — is invariably dedicated, compelling and full of passion.”

144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21478-0
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