Coverbild Beware of the Ghosthunters! von Heiko Wolz, ISBN-978-3-423-76102-4

Beware of the Ghosthunters!

Ben has discovered a real gap in the market —he’s going to become a ghost hunter. There’s just one small hitch—he can’t find any ghosts! Even the dilapidated villa—a real house of horrors—seems devoid of any spiritual presence, and the woman who finally answers the door invites him in to play with her daughter Josefine. Embarrassing or what?!

But Josefine is well pleased and takes Ben on a tour of the house. Suddenly they find themselves at the foot of a steep staircase leading to the attic. And what’s this? There’s white mist billowing down the steps—and what emerges from it is the answer to Ben’s quest! Foggy, a brattish poltergeist, has taken up temporary residence in the attic while his ghost-parents are out house-hunting. Ben and Josefine have to mobilise their entire ghost-hunting repertoire to prevent the resulting chaos from spiralling totally out of control…

176 pages, Age 8 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76102-4
About the author
Portrait des Autors Heiko Wolz

Heiko Wolz

Heiko Wolz was born in 1977 and worked as a bookseller and a support-worker in a home for people with learning disabilities – until his wife and four children re-classified him as a house-husband. He writes his whimsical, witty novels and short stories between stove and doll’s house, ironing board and knights’ castle.
About the illustrator
Portrait des Autors Bianca Schaalburg

Bianca Schaalburg

Bianca Schaalburg was born in 1968. She studied visual communication at the Berlin Academy of Arts and now works as a freelance illustrator. As a member of the studio community petit4 she contributes illustrations to various publishers, magazines and agencies.

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