Coverbild Those in the Shadows Vanish from Sight von Helene Sommerfeld, ISBN-978-3-423-26297-2
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Those in the Shadows Vanish from Sight

Magda Fuchs, medical consultant to the police

City of splendor, city of misery

After the dark years of World War I, the glamour and new-found radiance of the metropolis Berlin is attracting people from all over the world. Among them is Magda Fuchs, who hopes for a fresh start in life after losing both husband and child. However, working for the police as a medical consultant, she is confronted with the underbelly of the dazzling city. Every day she sees the bitter fate of orphaned and starving children. When she realizes that these children are being sold into slavery as the police looks the other way, Magda decides to fight for those who have to live in the shadows.
The doctor courageously takes on this world of corruption and crime, reclaiming her own life in the process. She receives support form the most unexpected of people – the abrasive social worker, Ina Dietrich, as well as the rather erratic but dedicated young police inspector, Kuno Mehring.

Helene Sommerfeld’s novel unfolds as a plethora of strong women struggle to find their place in a world of extremes – Berlin in the Roaring Twenties.

• The great Berlin saga about the Roaring Twenties - the decade of strong women
• Now with dtv: the Nr. 1 SPIEGEL-bestselling author Helene Sommerfeld
• Over 300,000 copies sold in the previous “Ärztin”-Trilogy
• Rights of the “Ärztin”-Trilogy were sold to Italy (Giunti) and Spain (PRH)

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544 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26297-2
About the author
Portrait von Helene Sommerfeld

Helene Sommerfeld

Helene Sommerfeld is the pseudonym of a married couple who write together from their home in Berlin. Their trilogy about Dr. Ricarda Thomasius has won the hearts of their readers, landing them at the very top of the SPIEGEL bestseller list. The captivating combination of historical precision and passionate, believable characters makes Helene Sommerfeld’s novels a gripping experience for readers.

Die Polizeiärztin

Licht und Schatten im schillernden Berlin der Goldenen Zwanziger.

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