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On Getting Up

Tales of a Life
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A century and a life - transformed into literature

As Helga Schubert’s mother explains to her daughter, she has accomplished three acts of heroism in her lifetime: refusing to abort her daughter, taking her along when fleeing from enemy troops during World War II, and not shooting Helga before the Russians invaded.
In brief episodes and crisp, emotional words, Helga Schubert tells the story of a century of German history - her own history, in an account that seamlessly combines fiction and truth. For over ten years, she was watched by the Stasi. She was almost fifty years old by the time she could vote in her first free election. However, it wasn’t until after her mother’s death that she could find reconciliation, both with her mother, with a life filled with resistance, and with herself.

• From the winner of the Ingeborg Bachman Award 2020
• For readers of Annie Ernaux and Monika Helfer
• Previous books by the author have been sold to Japan, France and Italy
• SPIEGEL bestseller: 125,000 copies sold

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224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28278-9

Rights sold: Italy (Fazi), Korea (Marco Polo), The Netherlands (Pluim)
About the author
Portrait von Helga Schubert

Helga Schubert

Helga Schubert, born in 1940 in Berlin, studied psychology at Humboldt University. She worked as a psychotherapist and writer in East Germany. As press officer for the Central Round Table, she helped prepare for the first free elections. After publishing numerous books, she retreated from the public literary space. This changed in 2020 when she won the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize for her story Getting Up.

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