Coverbild dtv Atlas Psychology (2 volumes) von Hellmuth Benesch, ISBN-978-3-423-03224-7

dtv Atlas Psychology (2 volumes)

The ›dtv-Atlas of Psychology‹ consists of two volumes offering a systematic overview of the fundamental theories and methodology used, as well as the various different forms of experience and behaviour displayed by mankind that are examined by psychologists.


Volume 1: Terminology – A history of theories – Methodology – Statistics – Neuro-

psychology – The psychology of perception – The psychology of memory– The psychology of learning – Cognitive psychology – The psychology of communication – The psychology of emotions

Volume 2: The psychology of personality – Developmental psychology – Social psychology – Crowd psychology – Environmental psychology – Animal psychology – Psycho-diagnostics – Clinical psychology – Applied psychology – Cultural psychology

In keeping with the dtv-atlas format, colour charts and diagrams illustrate the explanations in the text. Thus the atlas serves as a concise introduction to the area of psychological study in its entirety. A glossary of psychological terminology, a detailed index and bibliography make it in addition a reliable reference work.

248 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03224-7

Rights sold: PR China, France, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan

Rights available again: Estonia, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Arab language (Lebanon)
About the author

Hellmuth Benesch

Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Benesch was born 1924 and is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Mainz. He specialises in neuro-psychology and the study of psychotherapy and has written several books on these subjects.Illustrators:Prof. Hermann Freiherr von Saalfeld was born in 1928 and is Professor of Drawing in the Department of Graphic Arts at the University of Mainz. He specialises in book illustration, cartoons and animation. His daughter Katharina von Saalfeld trained as an art teacher and now works as a freelance illustrator and painter of murals.
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