Coverbild Journey to the Stars von Helmut Hornung, ISBN-978-3-423-62370-4

Journey to the Stars

Scientists explore distant worlds

Where do we come from – where are we going ? A fascinating voyage of discovery into the infinity of the universe

The stars are so incredibly far away , and yet appear so close to us at night. We are all captivated by their glittering beauty. But stars are not just twinkling lights in the sky. Some of them are planets, just like earth, whilst the majority are huge balls of gas, like our sun. How do these planets and stars move? How are they formed?

This book tells us everything that we have been able to discover about these strange worlds over the centuries right up to the present day, presenting the material in a fascinating and accessible manner.

Completely revised and updated edition.

Deutscher Jugendbuchpreis Non-Fiction 1993

320 pages, Age 12 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-62370-4
About the author

Helmut Hornung

Helmut Hornung, born in 1959, works as a journalist in the field of astronomy.

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