Coverbild Destined for Love von Hermien Stellmacher, ISBN-978-3-423-07606-7

Destined for Love

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»It’s just not fair: even mathematical equations have a relationship with one another, yet I’m still the only without a boyfriend.«

Actually everything’s just fine for Karo: she has a best friend, a fantastic hobby – graffiti – and her life’s pretty cool in every way . But then, all of a sudden, everyone around her seems to be falling madly in love and Karo panics: why are there nothing but couples wherever she looks , while she’s still waiting for her first kiss?

But then suddenly a group of twelve totally gorgeous Italian boys on an exchange appear. And when she meets Giovanni her feelings rocket skyward . But he is clearly frantically busy and has an eye for the girls . Until Karo finally realises that witty Paul is her real Mr. Right , she’s caught up in a chaotic love crisis .

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About the author

Hermien Stellmacher

Hermien Stellmacher, Dutch by birth, studied graphic design in Würzburg. A much- sought-after illustrator and writer of children's books, she lives near Bayreuth in Bavaria.

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