Coverbild Oskar - A Cat with Character von Hildegard Müller, ISBN-978-3-423-64031-2

Oskar - A Cat with Character

Oskar: daring, languid, only occasionally in the mood to cuddle. In search of a new home.

Click! Oskar, a stately cat, has just had his picture taken. The people at the animal shelter hope that this will help him find a new home. Oskar is ANIMAL OF THE WEEK. Will it help? At this point, he prefers to think about his time with Knut, the carpenter who had found him in the forest. Oskar recalls how he once prowled around as King of the Alley and how he became friends with Hugo the dog. The two of them even made it into the newspaper. They had been heroes! And now Oskar is back in the newspaper. Will the woman with the friendly eyes and the yummy fish treats offer him a new home? Maybe she is looking for a cat with character!

- A warm-hearted story about a special cat
- For all children and cat lovers of all ages

80 pages, Age 6 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-64031-2
About the author
Portrait des Autors Hildegard Müller

Hildegard Müller

Hildegard Müller is a graphic designer, illustrator and writer who lives near Mainz. She has received several awards for her picture books. For Reihe Hanser she has illustrated The Little Red Dog.
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