Coverbild Dictionary of Pedagogics von Horst Schaub, ISBN-978-3-423-32521-9

Dictionary of Pedagogics

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This reliable dictionary has been updated, revised and extended and now has 1700 entries (200 more than the previous edition). The dictionary imparts a basic knowledge of the science of education. Theoretical approaches are explained, as well as practical fields of tasks, educational and formative institutions. Because the field of education is now treated in a multidisciplinary fashion, basic terms of neighbouring sciences such as sociology and psychology are covered. Structural sketches accompany the articles on various countries and their educational systems. An extensive bibliography about the topical professional literature is added, as are addresses of educational institutions and associations, making this dictionary an indispensable reference work for students, parents, teachers and people working in the field.
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704 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-32521-9

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About the author

Horst Schaub

Professor Dr. Horst Schaub was born in 1934 and teaches pedagogics and social science at Hildesheim University. Professor Dr. Karl G. Zenke was born in 1939 and taught school pedagogics at the Institute of educational science of the Pädagogische Hochschule at Ludwigsburg.
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