Coverbild So, Ulf says to Gnulf von Imke Stotz, Stephan Rürup, ISBN-978-3-423-71466-2

So, Ulf says to Gnulf

A compendium of the 500 favourite children's jokes

A (good) joke is worth a thousand words:

The two mad monsters Ulf und Gnulf are on a seaside holiday.

So, Ulf says to Gnulf ‘How do they make fishing nets?’

“That’s easy-peasy,” says Gnulf. “They take a load of holes and tie them together with string.”

What were the vampire’s last words? “Isn’t it a lovely day.”

Five hundred favourite children’s jokes: from barking hedgehogs all the way to mad monsters – with Stephan Rürup’s original cartoons.

176 pages, Age 9 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-71466-2
About the author

Imke Stotz

Imke Stotz (born 1966) and Stephan Rürup (born 1965) both studied visual communications at Munster and work for various different publishing houses. Stephan Rürup’s cartoons appear on a regular basis in the satirical magazine Titanic.

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