Coverbild My Life After My Survival von Inge Deutschkron, ISBN-978-3-423-30789-5

My Life After My Survival

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After the enormous success of her autobiographical report I Wore the Yellow Star, Inge Deutschkron wrote about her life between May 8, 1945 and the early nineties. What she had experienced unter the Nazis was her "starting capital" for a new life after the war, but also a burden. "I created for myself an ideal picture of a new Germany, a Germany where a new spirit would reign. I had enough personal experience in how to survive, but I was extremely naive with respect to life's realities".

Her life became uncomfortable, and she made it more so by taking on a position as a military and political journalist, which brought her into contact with old and new Nazis forced her to track and evaluate the political development of Israel.

Inge Deutschkron's report represents half a century of postwar history that is made understandable by her uncorruptible and extraordinary way of seeing things.
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384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30789-5
About the author

Inge Deutschkron

Inge Deutschkron was born in 1922 near Cottbus and became a journalist after the war. She stayed in England, India, Burma, Nepal, Indonesia and Israel. Since 1955, she has been a journalist in Germany and, since 1958, worked as a correspondent for the Israel newspaper 'Maariv'. In 1966, she acquired the Israel nationality and was a member of the editorial staff of 'Maariv' until her retirement in 1987. She now lives in Berlin. Inge Deutschkron received numerous awards, amongst them the Carl-von-Ossietzky Prize for Contemporary History and Politics in 2008, who stated her "life's work is the sign of the continuing commitment to democracy and human rights and against all forms of racism."

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