Coverbild Being Like No Other von Ingeborg Gleichauf, ISBN-978-3-423-62324-7

Being Like No Other

Simone de Beauvoir: Author and Philosopher

Simone de Beauvoir is regarded as one of the founders of feminism, her book The Second Sex became a cornerstone of the women’s liberation movement. As a committed philosopher and writer and the life-long companion of Jean-Paul Sartre, she had a major influence on intellectual life in the 20th century.

To mark the centenary of her birth, on 9th January 2008, Ingeborg Gleichauf has produced an accessible biography that provides an absorbing and enjoyable read and will appeal to all age groups. The author retraces de Beauvoir’s personal and intellectual development, discusses Sartre’s influence and demonstrates why de Beauvoir’s thought and actions have lost none of their relevance, even to today’s readers. A fascinating portrait of a headstrong and combative character, whose influence extends far beyond the spheres of feminism and existentialism into the world of philosophy and literary history.

Jury of Young Readers (Austria) / Critics Award 2008


- A chronology

- A bibliography

- An index of names and subjects

- A map of Paris showing the apartments and hotels where she lived and the cafes and libraries de Beauvoir frequented

300 pages, Age 14 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-62324-7
About the author
Portrait des Autors Ingeborg Gleichauf

Ingeborg Gleichauf

Ingeborg Gleichauf, born in Freiburg in 1953, studied philosophy and German literature, and now works as a freelance author.

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