Coverbild The Big Book of Small Fur (Omnibus edition) von Irina Korschunow, ISBN-978-3-423-71273-6

The Big Book of Small Fur (Omnibus edition)

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Small Fur is all alone after his best friend has moved away. There is no one to play ball with or hide from fog witches and cave trolls. Then suddenly, a green gate appears in the forest that leads Small Fur to a magic world. He meets the green-haired Nock and an elf who borrows him her wings to fly. Shall he share his secret with his new neighbour Curly Fur, even if this makes the gate disappear forever?It’s spring, time for Small Fur to run and play outside with his friend Curly Fur. But it’s also time for mean Uncle Ned to visit. Small Fur runs away into the forest where gurgle-ghosts coax unhappy Furs toward the dark, cold swamp. Luckily, Trulla comes to his aid.

– A story filled with humor, wonder, and the joys and sorrows of friendship.
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184 pages, Age 7 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-71273-6

Rights sold: France, PR China

Rights available again: The Netherlands, Spain (cast., cat.), Sweden, Japan, USA, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia
About the author

Irina Korschunow

Irina Korschunow is of German-Russian origins and was born in Stendal. She studied German in Göttingen and lived as a free-lance writer in Munich. She wrote numerous books for children and teenagers as well as novels for adults. Many of her titles were short-listed for the German Youthbook Prize (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis). She died December 31, 2013 on her 88th birthday.
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