Coverbild The Foundling Fox von Irina Korschunow, ISBN-978-3-423-76346-2

The Foundling Fox

How the Little Fox Found a Mother
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A vixen finds a fox cub that has gotten lost in the forest and carries it all the way home to her fox-earth where she lives with three cubs of her own. Her curious neighbour is anxious to see the new guest, but as the mother fox tries to pick it out, she realizes that she can no longer distinguish it from her own cubs; the foundling smells, looks and behaves exactly like the others.

This story is intended to help children develop a sense of love and belonging together. It also shows them that love for a child does not necessarily depend on a blood relationship.

“Strong portrayal of mother love and family security will make this book] instantly connect with young children.” ALA Booklist

“THE FOUNDLING FOX is a rare occurrence – an animal story in which the speech of the animals enhances the fidelity of the portrayal of animals in the wild. The simple, taut text flows and changes like a woodland stream. Children will be entranced listening to the story or reading it on their own.” The Horn Book

Over 1.7 million copies sold
Shortlist German Children’s Literature Award
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48 pages, Age 6 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76346-2

Rights sold: France, South Korea, Israel, India (Bengali language), Spain (cat., cast.), South America, Arab language, PR China, Turkey, Russia

Rights available again: Romania, Denmark, Italy, UK/US, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Greece, Japan, Bulgaria
About the author

Irina Korschunow

Irina Korschunow is of German-Russian origins and was born in Stendal. She studied German in Göttingen and lived as a free-lance writer in Munich. She wrote numerous books for children and teenagers as well as novels for adults. Many of her titles were short-listed for the German Youthbook Prize (Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis). She died December 31, 2013 on her 88th birthday.
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