Coverbild Light and Sound von Jan Schomburg, ISBN-978-3-423-28108-9
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Light and Sound

How do you get to grips with your life?

Johanna can’t believe that she and Boris have never even kissed. Ana-Clara, Boris’s Portuguese girlfriend can’t be the reason. Johanna always wants to know exactly what’s going on – and why. How come one of her classmates made another one his slave, and why did Boris keep on smiling when the four guys in white beat him up in the club for no apparent reason? Why did he suddenly disappear from the swimming pond that night? Is he seriously intending to kill himself in Iceland? When Johanna sets off to Reykjavik in search of him, she is amazed to discover that Ana-Clara is actually very likeable.

This is the story of three young people asking themselves how you go about getting a few things sorted – starting with life itself. Johanna, Boris and Ana-Clara are checking out life and love – as well as dabbling with death.

· Sincere, laid-back and yet full of yearning: a story about the loss of innocence and the many first times in life - love and sex, manipulation and the experience of death

256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28108-9
About the author
Portrait des Autors Jan Schomburg

Jan Schomburg

Jan Schomburg was born in 1976 in Aachen, studied visual communication at the Kassel Art Academy and audio-visual media at the Academy for Media in Cologne. His debut film Über uns das All (Above Us Only Sky) premiered in 2001, followed by Lose Myself/Forget Me Not (Vergiß mein ich), which premiered in 2013 at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.

Jan Schomburg: Das Licht und die Geräusche

Johanna, Boris und Ana-Clara erproben das Leben, die Liebe – und ein bisschen auch den Tod.

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