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Swimming is a special art. It is not only a sport or a way to stay afloat; it is also the most immediate experience of water and its variability. John von Düffel, author and long-distance swimmer, accounts for the various contacts of a swimmer with his element, of his exposedness, his triumphs and his isolation. Again and again, feelings of longing and dread overcome the swimmer in the water. Again and again, beauty and danger play off each other. A book to dive into - for swimmers and hydrophobes alike.

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112 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-13205-3
About the author

John von Düffel

John von Düffel was born in 1966 in Göttingen, has rendered hommage to the flowing element in his début novel 'Vom Wasser' (1998) and has been awarded the famous 'Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis' in Klagenfurt, the Ernst-Willner-Preis granted by publishers as well as the 'Aspekte-Literaturpreis' of ZDF (German Television Corporation) for this work. He has written many theatre plays and works as author and dramatic adviser at the theatre in Bonn.
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