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Blood Money

A little boy calls the police emergency line; he’s in shock and facing extreme danger. But the police officers get to the scene too late—a family of four has been slaughtered in cold blood: the mother, the father, a three-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy.

It’s clearly a case for Emilia Capelli and Mai Zhou, who are already under tremendous pressure following the death of one of their own. Popular and respected colleague Thorsten Mohr was killed during a raid; what’s mystifying is that he had evidently taken off his mandatory protective vest just before his death. What on earth made him do that? Capelli and Zhou are at a loss, but before long evidence comes to light suggesting there’s a leak in their own ranks. The ensuing investigations—both internal and external—put Capelli and Zhou directly in harm’s way; they find themselves with their lives at risk, because the enemy is closer than they could have possibly imagined…

• young, as different as chalk and cheese, professional to the core, with a first-rate track
record: the third spellbinding case for investigative duo Emilia Capelli and Mai Zhou

464 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21616-6
About the author

Judith Winter

Judith Winter was born in Frankfurt in 1969. She studied German literature and psychology in Berlin and Vienna, then worked for many years in a prestigious scientific institute before branching out on her own. After spending time in Milan and Paris, she now lives with her family in Konstanz.

Judith Winter: Emilia Capelli und Mai Zhou

Das Ermittler-Team Emilia Capelli und Mai Zhou: jung, professionell, erfolgreich – und voller Gegensätze.

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