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Two brilliant young investigators, four bizarrely staged corpses and a mathematical formula that sets the pace of death.

The Frankfurt central criminal investigation directorate’s department of capital offences chooses two commissioners, Emilia Capelli and May Zhou, to solve the most bizarre series of murders the city has ever experienced. Different as chalk and cheese, the two women mistrust each other right from the start. But one way or another they have to join forces and make the partnership work, because before long they find themselves on the trail of a ruthless serial killer who stages his murders as gruesomely themed scenarios. And his "work" is not yet complete...

Press acclaim for volume one of Seven-fold

  • »a thriller that will keep you up all night! «

  • »a spellbinding, highly sophisticated psychological thriller that holds readers enthralled and keeps them guessing until the very last page. «

Schweizer Familie

448 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21489-6

Rights sold: Italy
About the author

Judith Winter

Judith Winter was born in Frankfurt in 1969. She studied German literature and psychology in Berlin and Vienna, then worked for many years in a prestigious scientific institute before branching out on her own. After spending time in Milan and Paris, she now lives with her family in Konstanz.

Judith Winter: Emilia Capelli und Mai Zhou

Das Ermittler-Team Emilia Capelli und Mai Zhou: jung, professionell, erfolgreich – und voller Gegensätze.

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