Coverbild The Blood of the Lotus von Judith Winter, ISBN-978-3-423-21569-5
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The Blood of the Lotus

“The dragon has awoken. It’s creeping up on us, gradually, like a nemesis, sealing our doom.”

Emilia Capelli and Mai Zhou are called to the scene of a mysterious double murder: on the eleventh floor of a Frankfurt luxury hotel they find the bodies of entrepreneur Peter Klatt and his wife Ramona. Both were clearly tortured before being killed by a single shot to the forehead, execution-style. A young Asian girl of about ten who was present at the terrible scene has since run off, but Em soon finds the traumatised child hiding downstairs in a laundry room. Back at headquarters, it seems that the interrogation of a witness is finally shedding some light on the darkness—but in a moment of inattention little Kaylin disappears again…

Press acclaim for volume one of Seven-fold

  • »a thriller that will keep you up all night! «

  • »a spellbinding, highly sophisticated psychological thriller that holds readers enthralled and keeps them guessing until the very last page. «

Schweizer Familie

448 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21569-5
About the author

Judith Winter

Judith Winter was born in Frankfurt in 1969. She studied German literature and psychology in Berlin and Vienna, then worked for many years in a prestigious scientific institute before branching out on her own. After spending time in Milan and Paris, she now lives with her family in Konstanz.

Judith Winter: Emilia Capelli und Mai Zhou

Das Ermittler-Team Emilia Capelli und Mai Zhou: jung, professionell, erfolgreich – und voller Gegensätze.

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